Notices and Standard Forms

SF01 HOUSING ACT 1988/96 FORMS: Set £30.00 (+ VAT)
For use in England and Wales unless otherwise stated.


  • Notice of Landlord's address (s.48)
  • Possesssion Notice - Fixed Term Tenancy (s.21(1)b)
  • Possession Notice - Periodic tenancy (s21(4)a)
  • Notice of Letting under HA1988, Sch. 2 (Grounds 1-5)
  • Notice of Seeking Possession - Assured/AST tenancy (s.8)
  • Notice of New Rent for Assured/AST tenancy (s.13)
  • Tenant's Notice Proposing AST (Assured tenancy)
  • Notice Proposing Different Terms for a periodic tenancy
  • Notice Proposing AST (agricultural tenancy)
  • Notice of Assured Tenancy
  • Rent Assessment Application
  • Copies of forms on disk (Word 97 format)



M01 MANAGEMENT FORMS: Complete Set £30.00 (+ VAT)

  • Callout/Inspection Form
  • Client Ledger Form
  • Landlord Enquiries Form
  • Tenant Enquiries Form
  • Inspection Report Form
  • Landlord Statement
  • Standing Order Mandate Form
  • Tenant Details Form
  • Maintenance Report Log
  • Copies of forms on disk (Word 97 format)


(An order form is available in PDF format for printing and returning to the Letting Centre.)