Possession Factsheets

The Letting Centre’s Factsheets are a valuable resource for landlords, letting agents and tenants, providing information on a variety of topics. The list of Factsheets is ever-growing and the full selection can be found here. Below we have gathered the most important factsheets relating to possession.

The Letting Centre factsheets provide a helpful guide to specific topics

Factsheet 8 - Section 8

There are two main routes for obtaining possession of assured and assured shorthold tenancies, one of those being the section 8 route. This factsheet explains when and how to serve a section 8 notice and what grounds there are for doing so.

Factsheet 21 - Section 21

The other main route for obtaining possession is by means of serving a section 21 notice when an assured shorthold tenancy comes to an end. This factsheet explains how the notice is served differently for fixed term and periodic tenancies, as well as how and when to use section 21.

Factsheet 19 - Residential Tenancy Agreements

This factsheet explains the many different types of tenancies that can be created and the rules relating to them, including assured shorthold, residential landlords, holiday lettings and business tenancies.

Factsheet 20 - Possession Actions for Residential Properties

As there are a variety of tenancy types available, there are a variety of possession actions to choose from. Factsheet 20 explains which possession action to use depending on the tenancy type and the different rules surrounding these.