Street v Mountford [1985]

An agreement purporting to grant a licence actually conferred on the occupant a tenancy; the label attributed to the agreement did not affect its legal consequences. This case concerns the distinction between a lease and a licence and the Rent Act 1977 Mrs Mountford entered into an agreement described as a licence by which Mr Street granted her the right to occupy furnished rooms in a house for £37 a week, subject to clause 10, 'This licence may be terminated by 14 days written notice ...' Mrs. Mountford was granted exclusive possession of those rooms. Mr Street did not provide any attendance or service, and only reserved the limited rights of inspection. Mrs Mountford contended that as she had a tenancy she was protected by the Rent Act 1977, and Mr Street applied to the County Court for a declaration that the occupancy was a licence rather than a tenancy. The courtTo read more, a subscription is needed: Click here to subscribe