Spencer v Taylor [2013]

Spencer v Taylor 2013 EWCA Civ 1600

Mr Spencer granted an assured shorthold tenancy to a Miss Taylor on 6th February 2006 of a property in Chesterfield. The tenancy was granted for an initial fixed term of six months. The rent was paid weekly and according to the tenancy agreement, the first payment became due on the first day of the tenancy (a Monday) and weekly thereafter. The fixed term tenancy expired on Saturday 5 Aug 2006, and was never renewed. By virtue of section 5 of the Housing Act, a periodic tenancy arose immediately thereafter under which the rental periods were also weekly. Under the periodic tenancy, the court calculated that these periods would end on a Sunday presumably because they were linked to the rent payment day
being Monday.

Some time later, Mr Spencer gave notice requiring possession of the property.

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