Possession FAQs 6

Possession FAQs

1. My tenancy is coming to an end, what do I need to do?

2. How much will getting possession of my property cost?

3. How long does the possession process take?

4. What do I do if there are rent arrears?

5. What if the tenant refuses to leave?

6. When can the accelerated possession procedure be used?

The accelerated possession procedure comes with several limitations, such as:

  • it may only be used for ASTs
  • the tenancy must have come to an end or be a statutory periodic
  • it does not allow for the recovery of rent arrears
  • the tenancy must have been made on or after 15th January 1989
  • the tenancy agreement and all notices must have been given and have been in writing
  • the APP forms must be sworn in person by the landlord or his solicitor, not the managing agent
  • the APP action can only be commenced after the expiry of a valid section 21 possession notice

See the Letting Centre’s Rent Arrears and Possession Pack for more information on how and when to use the accelerated possession procedure.

7. Can I get possession of my property back before the fixed term ends?

8. What is the difference between Section 21 and Section 8 notices?