Possession FAQs 8

Possession FAQs

1. My tenancy is coming to an end, what do I need to do?

2. How much will getting possession of my property cost?

3. How long does the possession process take?

4. What do I do if there are rent arrears?

5. What if the tenant refuses to leave?

6. When can the accelerated possession procedure be used?

7. Can I get possession of my property back before the fixed term ends?

8. What is the difference between Section 21 and Section 8 notices?

Section 21 notices can be used when:

- an AST has come to a natural end and the landlord wishes to regain possession
- the tenancy has become a statutory periodic tenancy after the fixed term ends

See Factsheet 21 for more information

Section 8 notices can be used when:

- the tenant has breached a condition in the tenancy agreement
- the tenant owes at least two months’ rent

See Factsheet 8 for more information