Tenancy Agreements

The Letting Centre publishes a range of tenancy agreements (for use in England and Wales unless otherwise stated).

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Landlord Tenancy

AST Agreement 150x113

Professional Series

guarantor agreement g01 180x135


   company letting agreement a05 139x135

Company Letting





Pre-printed Agreements

We provide pre-printed A02 agreements which are a simple and standard form of agreement between the landlord and the tenant and are ideal for use by private landlords.  Pre-printed forms are available from the Letting Centre in bulk (minimum order: 50 units) and can be purchased in the Letting Centre Shop.  Pre-printed agreements can be purchased individually from Heffers Bookshop, 20 Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TY. Tel: 01223 463200.  Two copies of each agreement should be purchased; the first copy (original) for the tenant to keep and the other copy (counterpart) is retained by the Landlord.

Professional Series Agreements

The Professional Series tenancy agreements are ideally suited for Agency and Professional Landlord use.  The agreements have been drafted in accordance with the 'OFT Guidance on Unfair Terms' published by the Office of Fair Trading (now the Competition and Markets Authority) and are revised and checked annually by a specialist housing lawyer.  The agreements have also been approved by the major lenders.  The Professional Series agreements are provided with a copyright licence during the licence period (12 months), an annual update service and comprehensive drafting and guidance notes which include over 50 additional clauses that can be added to the tenancy agreement in individual situations.  Click here to view our List of Tenancy Agreements

Our Professional Series Agreements and Guidance Notes can be purchased individually or via our Gold and Pro-Gold Memberships.  

All Letting Centre’s documents come with our trusted Support Guarantee. The documents are backed by our 20 years of experience with publishing tenancy agreements and are supported by an in-house lawyer who is available to address compliance issues.  Click here for more information.

Gold and Pro-Gold Members

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